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Implementing WarpSales is easy and affordable. To help you get started, Acrelic Interactive offers an affordable two-month pilot, which can be set up within 72 hours, and includes setup, coaching, and training for marketing and sales as well as full access to and usage of:

Throughout the pilot, you will see how WarpSales can help you:

  • Increase email marketing rates

  • Improve campaign deliverability

  • Reach more qualified prospects

  • Increase the number of qualified prospects from website leads

  • Find new, unique approaches to selling

  • Increase call connect rates

  • Develop more effective prospecting methods

  • Increase the size of your sales pipeline in dollars and opportunities.

Continue with Month-to-Month Service.

If you’re like the majority of Acrelic customers, you will readily see the success WarpSales brings to your lead generation and lead qualification processes and you will want to continue using WarpSales after your pilot. Upon the completion of your pilot, WarpSales is available as a month-to-month service.

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